Communicating Impact Programme

Storytelling and data visualisation in reporting

How do you communicate the impact of what your organisation does in a powerful and convincing way?

You may have your evidence – your facts and figures – but how do you put it across in a way that connects with your audience? Or you may still be at the start of your research – what approach should you take to understand the impact you have made? It’s not just about facts and figures.  It is both your story and the story of those with whom you work.

In this programme of workshops we look at two stages withing the reporting process that many organisations find particularly challenging: storytelling and data visualisation. We’d like to share with you what we have learned through two expert practitioners in these two areas with examples of how we have used this expertise in our own work.

In the Storytelling workshop, you will learn to tell the story of your impact with the numbers and evidence in a way that has real meaning for your audience.

In the Data Visualisation & Presentation workshop, you will learn to make the most of data sets to tell complex stories visually in presentations and reports.

We run the workshops on consecutive days so, if you attend both, you will be fully equipped with the tools, confidence and energy to communicate the difference that your organisation makes through stories, charts, infographics and more.

If you feel one of the two days is not particularly relevant to your work at this point, you can choose to participate in just the day that suits you.


The content and exercises are structured around Narativ’s Listening and Storytelling Method.

The day will be introduced and set in the context of reporting on and communicating impact of your project, research or business.

What you will learn:

  • Understand the importance of listening to create a space where great
    stories can be told.
  • Find the human stories at the heart of your research.
  • Identify and describe ‘what happened’ to engage empathy and connection.
  • Bring complex stories to life and make them vivid and memorable through
    the use of sensory details.
  • Highlight the moral or value set that will reinforce your evidence and
    influence your audiences to support or replicate your project.
  • Examine diverse applications for your research stories to reach varied

The course is developed and lead by NEF Consulting with delivery by:

Dan Milne & Jane Nash, Directors & Lead Trainers, Narativ

dan-milnejane-nashNarativ is based in London and New York. The company’s mission is ‘a world connected by listening and telling stories’. Since 2004 they have been working with individuals and organisations worldwide to teach them how to make the most powerful use of their stories. Jane Nash and Dan Milne are theatre practitioners who have been working as coaches in business for over 20 years. They worked with NEF Consulting on the Knee High Challenge project for The Design CouncilNarativ’s clients include The Fairtrade Foundation, Open Society Foundations, The Finance Innovation Lab, International Federation of Transport Workers, SAID Business School, HBO, Turner Contemporary and The Design Council.

Data Visualisation and Presentation

How to turn a raw set of data into a compelling visual story that communicates your impact.

You will learn to:

  • Identify the story in your data: identify correlations, clusters or patterns and turn them into infographics.
  • Frame and tailor the story for a specific audience.
  • Develop this for different formats, learning about the key considerations for each.
  • Spot the quick wins and avoid common mistakes when visualising data.
  • Apply best practice in data visualisation, understanding how to present data in the clearest manner.
  • Take your data to the next level with the use of dashboards.
  • Find and use the best software and online tools.

The course will be delivered by:

Laura Knight, designer and educator 

Laura is a designer and educator with a specialism in information design and data visualisation. Until 2016 she was the Design Director at Data Design Studios in Shoreditch. She now works freelance developing data communication solutions for a range of global clients. She also works with the Guardian, running bespoke training in data visualisation for clients all over the world and lectures in Information Design and Infographic Storytelling at the University of the Arts, London.

As Design Director at Data Design Studios, Laura worked with NEF Consulting on an infographics project, Healthy Returns from Sustainability Actions for the NHS Sustainable Development Unit.

Who should attend

This programme is for anyone who is responsible for communicating the impact of their projects, organisations or services. It will be broadly applicable but may be of particular interest to those with social value measurement or research responsibilities.

Dates and venue

Prices for courses from 2018

Booking formCombined 2-workshop standard price                               £545
Combined 2-workshop registered charity price               £495

1-day workshop only – standard price                        £325
1-day workshop only – registered charity price         £275

All courses are subject to U.K. VAT.  Fee includes refreshments and lunch on both days, as well as training materials.

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