Measuring What Matters in Tourism

A half-day exploratory workshop with thought leaders and decision makers within tourism. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016 2-5pm followed by networking 5-6pm, London

Global tourism is forecast to double in size over the next 15-17 years.  The measures that we have used historically have focused on measuring tourism volume and occasionally on mapping ecological resource utilisation and economic outcomes at a macro level.  What they have not accounted for are the economic, social and cultural effects of tourism at the destination level.

There is increasing evidence that tourism development can generate stresses and imbalances which, within our current systems of measurement, only become visible when they reach crisis point. Tourism cannot flourish without vibrant communities.  The sheer scale of potential global demand for international and domestic travel will inevitably place increasing pressures on these communities.  The ways in which we develop targets to deliver change, and measure process, will reflect the social license operated by tourism businesses and policy makers.

 “The way we construct … indicators has huge consequences for how we organize our economy, what kind of policies we implement and how we organize our lives” –  Ha-Joon Chang

The workshop

This workshop is an exploratory step designed to assess the areas and levels of interest in measuring what matters in tourism, and how we can enable and support organisations to measure what matters. We will enhance the debate by sharing current knowledge and experience of impact assessment within both tourism and other industries.

Those participating in this workshop will… 

  • Have contributed to a critical debate on measuring what matters in tourism.
  • Have gained a better understanding about the principles of tourism impact assessment and be able to develop indicators that measure what matters.
  • Have greater awareness of work that has already been done and what indicators already exist.
  • Be able to communicate the need for improved tourism impact assessment within their organisation and externally.
  • Have gained a better understanding of how to monitor and manage impact on an ongoing basis.

Who will be running the workshop…

Anke Winchenbach web croppedAnke Winchenbach, Consultant, NEF Consulting

Before joining NEF Consulting in July 2015, Anke managed The Travel Foundation’s ground-breaking tourism impact measurement project in collaboration with PwC, establishing TUI’s economic, fiscal, environmental and social impact in Cyprus.With a strong background in triple-bottom line assessment and reporting, Anke’s particular passion lies in socio-economic impact areas, including wellbeing measurement and Social Return on Investment (SROI). Anke has delivered workshops for organisations aiming to achieve ISO20121 and supported policy makers and businesses through practical advice on how to integrate sustainability into their day-to-day work and to improve performance. For more information click here.

Rebbecca BW headshot 1Rebecca Hawkins, Managing Director, RHP Ltd

Rebecca has spent her career working to help tourism and hospitality businesses reduce their environmental footprint, build trust in their brands and operate more ethically. Over the years, she has worked with a wide variety of organisations,  including mighty corporates, micro enterprises, intergovernmental agencies and charities. Highlights to date include: delivering energy and water savings of 5% and 11% respectively to a major corporate tour operator; helping more than 30 hotels improve their grading on a major environmental management scheme; supporting the development of voluntary agreements on food waste and carbon between the UK government and hospitality sector; developing a cloud-based tool to help businesses integrate environmental initiatives into their everyday activities.

Rebecca’s current passion is metrics and identifying measurement mechanisms for the aspects of responsible tourism particularly difficult to manage.

annapollock for bioAnna Pollock, Founder, Conscious Travel

Anna Pollock has 45 years’ experience in tourism as an independent consultant, strategist, international speaker, and change agent. Recipient of The Visionary of the Year Award from the Canadian tourism industry, Anna also serves as Visiting Fellow at Oxford Brookes University (UK) and recently co-founded the Tourism Changemakers Forum to foster social enterprises within hospitality.

Anna has undertaken seminal work in many areas of tourism and is passionate about sustainability. She now focuses on models of destination development that generate higher yields with less impact. This is based on a belief that, for tourism to thrive, it must provide much higher levels of satisfaction to the customer, more benefit to the host community and sustained yields to shareholders. Conscious travel is a new, grass roots approach involving a set of principles and practices learned and expressed collaboratively by a community of hosts willing to lead their destination into prosperity.

If you are interested in attending this workshop please contact Anke Winchenbach,