Unleashing the power of collaboration

Effective leadership in the new economy

The challenges of leading for social change are changing. The social world is becoming more flexible, more dynamic, more uncertain than ever before. Leading your organisation or programme towards success now requires agility, flexibility and, most of all, the intense power of collaboration.

Being an effective leader in this new context is different from being an effective leader in the old. Leading now depends on a far greater sense of self-awareness and a powerful ability to build relationships with others from diverse backgrounds and with diverse views.

So, how can you transform your personal purpose into a shared purpose with others? How can you lead for the new economy? This one day course will enable you to create impact and value as a result of enhanced knowledge and competencies.

The programme includes an introduction to cutting-edge analysis of the powers of authenticity, empathy and communication; an innovative framework for enabling leaders to analyse their own personal powers and the ways in which those powers can reshape their leadership potential; facilitated discussion between peers; an experiential exercise designed to provide a full sense of the power of leadership.


The one-day programme will be a mix of presentations, open discussions/ case study presentations, small group work and practical experiences.

The day is designed to release leaders’ personal strengths in each of three areas:

1. Personal Purpose

The skills of leadership for the new economy start with the self – developing your ability to accurately assess and regulate yourself so that you can bring your full skill to situations that are often complex and ambiguous. The programme will build leaders’ skill at paying attention to their personal thoughts, feelings, sensations and impulses. We will explore what identity is and what it means to be fully authentic – crucial strengths in the new age of leadership.

2. Building Relationships

The programme will allow leaders to focus on how they effectively take the perspective of others, read emotions and connect with them to build successful relationships. We will demonstrate how to collect and receive intensive feedback on how others perceive us. This includes dealing with people who are different to us personally and culturally, as well as how to manage conflict and difficult conversations. These relationships are the key to translating personal purpose into effective leadership.

3. Personal Impact and Communication Skills

Finally, the programme will demonstrate to leaders how they can make a powerful personal impact and build new collaborations, both in written communication, one-to-one and with public speaking.

What you will learn

On successful completion of the programme, leaders will be able to:

  • Understand new models of leadership based on personal purpose and relationship building.
  • Effectively understand and influence the impressions others form of you to build trust.
  • Be more effective at connecting with people and building relationships with people who are different.
  • Communicate more powerfully in a wide range of situations.

Who should attend

Leaders of organisations and programmes, change makers and all those wishing to make a powerful impact and build new collaborations.

Who will be leading the programme

Marc Stears, Chief Executive of the New Economics Foundation

Marc Stears has been providing training in leadership, politics, ethics and communications strategies for over twenty-years. An award-winning academic author, Marc was for many years Professor of Political Theory at Oxford, having previously been Fellow in Politics in Cambridge. He is currently Honorary Professor in Politics at Nottingham University and an Associate Fellow at the Said Business School, Oxford. From later this year, he will be Professorial Fellow at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

In addition to his academic roles, Marc has enormous experience in helping leaders in all walks of life to inspire their followers and reach out to the broader community. He has been working with leaders in charities, campaigning organisations and businesses since the early 2000s, including those at the very top of some of the best-known global companies. He has also acted as speechwriter to leading politicians and activists, including for three years from 2012 to 2015 for the then leader of the Labour Party.

Through his work, Marc seeks to release the power that resides in everyone’s personal story so that they can better inspire, engage, excite and enthuse. He uses an entirely unique range of techniques to do so, stretching from the philosophy that he taught at Oxford to ideas from film, theatre and literature that he has taken from working with some of the work’s leading movie makers, theatre directors and authors.

Dates, venue and cost

5 October, 2017 – London. Book by 7 September to save £155 (see below). For more dates, sign up for updates here.

Standard price: £795 when you book by 7 September, thereafter £950.

Special price for registered charities: £495 when you book by 7 September, thereafter £650.

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