Will Davies


T: + 44 (0) 207 820 6393
E: william.davies@nefconsulting.com

Will Davies is an analyst with NEF Consulting. Since joining the team, Will has worked on various projects, including modelling the wider social determinants of health inequalities, interviewing senior leaders, and undertaking valuation research. He has also undertaken training in SROI and Theory of Change.

He has a background in social sciences research, where he is experienced in both qualitative and quantitative methods. He has conducted primary and secondary research, using multiple sources and large datasets to analyse a range of topics around sustainable development. He is the lead author of several academic journal articles and book chapters in the field of environmental policy and natural resource governance.

Will is keen to use innovative ways to better integrate social and environmental aspects into economic modelling, something he believes is essential. He is also a strong advocate of the power of stakeholder engagement as a means to create lasting and beneficial change at all societal levels.

Passionate about all things Arctic, Will has travelled extensively throughout the region: living in the Westfjords, Iceland, working as a Visiting Researcher at the Arctic Centre in Finland and undertaking fieldwork in northwest Greenland. He is never happier than when riding his bike; be it cycling amidst the smog and bustle of rush-hour London traffic or the serenity and peace of remote, coastal Iceland.