The Value of Money

Challenging the Preconception

This issue of Perspectives presents ground-breaking thoughts on the ‘money’ and ‘value’ conundrum.

Though approaching from different angles, the articles suggest that the relationship between money and value(s) abounds with frictions and contradictions. It therefore seems paradoxical that money often remains equated with value in contemporary political discourse.

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Money Isn’t Everything

Julian Baggini and Ian Hadden

Money has its uses, but if we use it as the only way of measuring success we’ll lose sight of where value truly lies. Read more..

What Value WellBeing?

An interview with Professor Daniel Fujiwara by Rupert Widdicombe

A new way of valuing human intangibles based on wellbeing is gaining currency, as valuation expert Daniel Fujiwara explains. Daniel Fujiwara is a consultant in economics and econometric analysis and a researcher at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He also holds a number of advisory roles, including Scientific Advisor to the SROI Network. He is the author of the Treasury Green Book guidance on valuation techniques. Read more…

New Values, New Currencies

Leander Bindewald and Rupert Widdicombe

Is our money really designed to do what we need it to do? New kinds of money can better represent what we truly value and enable new economies, write Leander Bindewald and Rupert Widdicombe. Read more…

We’re Only Human When It Comes To Money

Ian Hadden with Dan Ariely

Our brains are hardwired to make economic choices based on our deep past bringing our distinctly human nature into focus. Read more…

The Art of Public Funding: The Relationship Between Money and Culture

Jonathan Schifferes with Tony Fisher and Joshua Edelman

Making art requires money for materials and labour, but the monetary terms that dominate debate about public and private investment are not appropriate, says Jonathan Schifferes, for understanding art’s value as a social good. Read more…

In Summary

Olivier Vardakoulias

Olivier Vardakoulias, economist at NEF Consulting, brings together the various themes discussed in this issue of Perspectives. Read more…