Accelerating the new economy

AUTHOR: Michael Weatherhead, International Director, NEF Consulting. Michael also gave a keynote presentation at the launch of the New Economy Accelerator – see the video at the end of this article. What is the best way to affect change?   The New… Read more »

Looking beyond the numbers at the Prince’s Trust

At the Prince's Trust Awards

The meaning behind data at the Prince’s Trust by Emily Atkinson, Analyst, NEF Consulting (photo: Emily at the Awards). I love numbers. It is through numbers that we can measure things and by measuring things we make them count (literally)!… Read more »

Leading the fight for fairness

By Sarah Lyall, Researcher, Social Policy, New Economics Foundation. The most intriguing developments in reducing inequality and poverty are happening in local, not national, government. In Plymouth, as in much of the rest of UK, empty homes purchased as second… Read more »

Why I like working for NEF Consulting

AUTHOR: Laura Smith, Marketing and Administrative Assistant, NEF Consulting People often assume that being an administrative assistant means only answering the telephone, writing emails and organising meetings but at NEF Consulting it is much more than just a title. You,… Read more »