Uncover people’s stories to tell in your own story

How do you communicate the impact of what your organisation does in a powerful and convincing way?

You may have your evidence – your facts and figures – but how do you put it across in a way that connects with your audience, your stakeholders? It’s not just about facts and figures.  It is both your story and the story of those with whom you work – your beneficiaries, communities and your organisation.

In this workshop we’d like to share with you what we have learned about storytelling from the expert practitioners, Narativ, with examples of how we have used this expertise in our own work.

The workshop will equip you with the tools, confidence and energy to communicate the difference that your organisation makes.

About the workshop

​Learn how to harness the power of your stories, and those of your communities and beneficiaries, to influence and inspire stakeholders. This experiential workshop will help you to communicate complex ideas or to influence a challenging audience. It will enable you to uncover stories and to learn and practice using new tools that make these stories as vivid and memorable as possible.

The content and exercises are structured around Narativ’s Listening and Storytelling Method. Narativ create spaces where people can explore stories from their lives, for advocacy, for leadership, to connect, influence and inspire.

The day will be introduced and set in the context of reporting on and communicating impact of your project, research or business.

What you will learn:

  • Why tell a story? The science behind why stories are the most powerful way to connect with other people.
  • Listening – Understanding the importance of listening in creating a space where great stories can emerge.
  • Storytelling elements – what makes a story something people will remember? Learn the simplicity of key storytelling skills which will leave powerful and memorable images in the minds of the listener.
  • What’s your story? How to find the human stories at the heart of research and complex ideas, and using them to make your ideas relatable.
  • Engaging empathy – how to connect with your audience through identifying and describing ‘what happened’.
  • Storytelling to influence – how to tell stories which communicate values and beliefs, meaning and message.
  • Ways to apply stories – exploring the diverse applications for storytelling in any organisation: leadership, advocacy, communications, team-building, on-boarding etc.

Who should attend this workshop:

Anyone who needs to bring complex issues and ideas to life, who needs to advocate for something, or who is seeking to invigorate their own communication techniques, to make them more vivid and memorable.

The course is delivered by:

Dan Milne & Jane Nash, Directors & Lead Trainers, Narativ

dan-milnejane-nashNarativ is based in London and New York. With a background in advocacy, the foundation of their work is in using stories to make powerful connections between people – to inspire, to influence, as a call to action.

Since 2004 they have been working with individuals and organisations worldwide to teach them how to make the most powerful use of their stories. Jane Nash and Dan Milne are theatre practitioners who have been working as coaches in business for over 20 years. They worked with NEF Consulting on the Knee High Challenge project for The Design CouncilNarativ’s clients include The Fairtrade Foundation, Open Society Foundations, The Finance Innovation Lab, International Federation of Transport Workers, SAID Business School, HBO, Turner Contemporary and The Design Council.

Prices, dates and venue


We have introduced reduced price packages for bookings of 2 or 3 people from one organisation placed at the same time:

  • Standard price per person: £345 + VAT
  • Multiple booking for 2 people (use booking form) : £660 + VAT
  • Multiple booking for 3 people (contact us): £965 + VAT

All courses are subject to U.K. VAT.  Fee includes refreshments and lunch as well as training materials.

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