Michael Weatherhead

International Director

E: michael.weatherhead@nefconsulting.com

Michael Weatherhead is the International (and former Managing) Director of NEF Consulting.

He is currently based in Spain, developing new opportunities within Europe. Previously Michael established a new branch in South Africa in September 2012 to take NEF’s ideas and frameworks to a new audience in the Global South. As an economist and organisational development practitioner, he blends  NEF’s rigorous analysis with its innovative approaches to opening up spaces for learning and solutions-based planning.

As an economist, Michael is an accredited SROI practitioner and trainer in multiple approaches to measuring value for money. He has trained, and consulted with, a wide variety of organisations to help them measure their social, economic and environmental impact.

As an organisational development practitioner, he has both developed and delivered tools (Happiness at Work survey) and processes (Well-Supplied) to bring wellbeing into the heart of business conversations and decision-making as well as taking it into government policy.

Michael has brought an understanding and use of wellbeing in decision making into organisations as diverse as the UK National Health Service (NHS), Woolworths and Timberland.

The research underpinning the tools and processes he has co-created draw on the work of the Nobel economics prize winner, Elinor Ostrom, and the growing field of study, positive psychology.

Michael holds post-graduate qualifications in Development Economics as well as Organisational Development. Now based in Spain, he boosts his own wellbeing through regular kite surfing.

 Recent project experience

  • Woolworths – delivery of a supplier wellbeing programme
  • Shelter –  delivery of an employee wellbeing programme
  • Charities Aid Foundation – development of the organisation’s first international social impact report


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Worker wellbeing: the future of supply chains

Happiness works in the Chinese apparel industry

Thought leadership

‘New economics for: Value for Money in International Development’ January 2013.