NEF Consulting Briefings

NEF Consulting briefings provide an overview of a specific methodology or way of working, its benefits and how you might use it in your improvement strategy. They are ideal for senior decision makers who would like to know more before deciding on the next step, whether training or consultancy.

The briefings are delivered by experts in the methodologies and we can tailor them to your needs. But all are highly interactive with question and answer sessions and discussions.

We can offer groups, usually a maximum of six people, a briefing on:

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Briefing on: Social Return on Investment

Presenting an overview of the SROI methodology it draws on examples to illustrate how it has brought benefits to organisations across sectors and countries. It also considers the various debates on where and when it is best used in comparison to other methodologies. It explains the principles of SROI and the processes in conducting an SROI, looking at each stage in detail with discussion around an example model.  And there is plenty of opportunity to discuss your projects and challenges.

Briefing on: Outcomes-based commissioning and social value

This half day session explains the concepts behind outcomes-based commissioning and social value.  Discussing how these approaches may impact your organisation’s strategic planning, policy, organisational development and culture, it also provides an overview of how to apply the concepts in practice. It will enable leaders and senior decision makers in commissioning and procurement to lead and support a shift in direction within their organisation.

The approach gives those responsible for commissioning public services, a framework, a set of principles and practical guidance to re-assess how services are currently provided. The potential impact and value is enormous.

Briefing on: Measuring Local Economic Impact
Including use of LM3 (Local Multiplier 3)

You can can measure the local economic impact of your services using various indicators. This briefing explains and discusses the options, including use of the methodology LM3, Local Multiplier 3.

Local Multiplier 3 (LM3) can help in thinking about local money flows and how your organisation can practically improve its local economic impact. It measures how income entering the local economy then circulates within it. An economic multiplier effect describes the impact that spending has in the economy, taking into consideration knock-on effects. A higher proportion of money re-spent in the local economy means a higher multiplier effect as more income is generated for local people. The more income you retain locally means more jobs, higher pay and more tax revenue for government, all of which leads to better living standards.

Training Programme
For local authorities

We offer group online training and facilitate workshops, primarily for local authorities. Topics currently include Theory of Change, commissioning for outcomes, co-production, and more.

And for other organisations…

You might want to join our open training on Theory of Change or measuring social impact.

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