Launch of the New Economy Accelerator, Cape Town

NEF Consulting, gave the keynote presentation (see below) at the launch of the New Economy Accelerator in Cape Town.

NEA is a platform for nurturing the emergence of a new economy, one that challenges the status quo to create a more inclusive and sustainable economy by building networks, innovating and promoting investments.

NEA is coordinated by AfriCGE as the African partner of a global movement for the new economy. One of their goals is to support 50 new economy initiatives over the coming 3 years.

The NEA initiative is born at a time when the fastest growing economies are located in Africa, and where foreign investor sentiments are very optimistic. It’s therefore an opportune time for Africa to set itself on a development trajectory that will ultimately address the root causes of poverty, conflict and inequality.

The goal of NEA is to be an agent of change, a community where stories are heard, ideas are nurtured and action is stimulated.

The New Economy Accelerator CoLab supports new economy ventures that have the potential to transform local economies to bring about real change.