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This section contains background reading material on topics related to evaluation, impact assessment and quality issues. The content is mostly generic and offers a comprehensive knowledge base the other sections in the library.

The Adoption and Use of Quality Systems in the Voluntary Sector – A Briefing for Funders

Centre for Voluntary Action Research at Aston Business School (NCVO, QSTG, CES), 2004
Keywords: quality systems
Summary: This is a short briefing on quality systems particularly aimed at funders of the voluntary sector, but it can also be used by social enterprises that want a quick summary of the issues around quality systems.

The Adoption and Use of Quality Systems in the Voluntary Sector – Literature Review

Centre for Voluntary Action Research at Aston Business School (NCVO, QSTG, CES), 2003
Keywords: quality systems
Summary: A comprehensive review of how quality systems have come to be used in the voluntary sector and some of the key drivers within voluntary and community organisations.

The Adoption and Use of Quality Systems in the Voluntary Sector- Research Report

Centre for Voluntary Action Research at Aston Business School (NCVO, QSTG, CES), 2004
Keywords: quality systems
Summary: A research report investigating the impact of the most commonly used systems in the voluntary sector including PQASSO, Investors in People and the Excellence model.

Charitable Trust? Social auditing with voluntary organisations

(P. Raynard and S. Murphy, new economics foundation, acevo) 2000
Keywords: social audit, case studies
Summary: A report on the Social Auditing with Voluntary Organisations (SAVO) project. It gives an introduction to social audit, as well as a number of case studies.
ISBN: 1900685116

Evaluation as a pathway to learning

(Grantmakers for Effective Organizations) 2005.
Keywords: evaluation, grantmakers
Summary: This concise document looks at the current issues surrounding philanthropy and the effectiveness of evaluation. It also presents some case studies of evaluation innovation.

Evaluating Quality in the Voluntary Sector: Report of a Voluntary Sector Quality Assurance Pilot Project

Waterhouse, G (NCVO, The Northern Rock Foundation)
Keywords: evaluation, quality, voluntary sector, case study
Summary: This report presents the learning experiences from the North East Quality Assurance Pilot Project – set up to support a range of voluntary organisations to develop quality assurance using the Excellence Model.

Evaluation Discussion Papers

Keywords: evaluation, concepts
Summary: This is a series of 8 short discussion papers on evaluation, which mainly aims to make the basic concepts clear, show how CES approaches evaluation and give practical examples and checklists.

Finding Out What Works: Building Knowledge about Complex Community Initiatives

Coote, A; Allen, J and Woodhead, D (Kings Fund) 2004
Keywords: impact, evaluation, health
Summary: This policy paper analyses to what extent government-driven social programmes are evidence-based and how they are being evaluated. It also offers some case studies.
ISBN: 185717486 0

First steps in monitoring and evaluation

(Charities Evaluation Services), 2002
Keywords: monitoring, evaluation, voluntary sector
Summary: This accessible book walks you through most of the basic concepts of monitoring and evaluation, focusing on organisations with little or no experience of monitoring and evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions on Impact Assessment

Mosedale, S (EDIAIS)
Keywords: impact, evaluation
Summary: This webpage provides a quick way of gaining information about the main concepts in impact assessment and it also provides links to documents for further information.

Guidelines for Good Practice in Evaluation

(UKES), 2003
Keywords: evaluation, good practice
Summary: These guidelines are aimed to support the work of evaluators, commissioners of evaluation, evaluation participants and those involved in self-evaluation. The briefing assumes some previous knowledge, but gives key points on what is important to consider.
Download: Guidelines for Good Practice

Improving our Performance: a strategy for the voluntary and community sector

(QSTG, NCVO), 2004
Keywords: quality, performance, policy
Summary: This document sets out a strategy for performance improvement for the English Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS).

The Magenta Book: Guidance Notes for Policy Evaluation and Analysis

(Cabinet Office) 2004
Keywords: evaluation, policy
Summary: This book goes through the main issues in policy evaluation and analysis, such as systematic review, statistical concepts, sampling and data collection.

Managing and Measuring Social Enterprises

Paton, R (Sage) 2003
Keywords: quality, tool, social enterprise
Summary: Provides a review of quality models, including EFQM Excellence Model, Investors in People and ISO9000, with background, method, benefits and limitations.
ISBN: 0761973656

Measures of Community

Chanan, G (Community Development Foundation, the Active Community Unit and Research, Development and Statistics Unit of the Home Office) 2002
Keywords: measurement, community development
Summary: This report examines how measures can be applied to judge whether communities are flourishing. It does not provide guidance, but gives reference to the key literature and provides a framework for analysis.

Measuring Impact: A Guide to Resources

Wainwright, S (NCVO) 2003
Keywords: impact, measurement, resources
Summary: This guide is primarily written for the voluntary sector, but can be useful for other types of organisations as well, as it goes through many of the key concepts of impact measurement.

Measuring Impact: Case-studies of impact assessment in small and medium-sized voluntary organisations

The UK Voluntary Sector Research Group (NCVO) 2003
Keywords: impact, measurement,
Summary: This report is written for organisations wanting to assess the impact of their work, though it is not a how-to guide and does assume previous knowledge of measurement and evaluation.

Measuring Innovation: Evaluation in the Field of Social Entrepreneurship

Kramer M (FSG, Skoll Foundation) 2005
Keywords: measurement, social enterprise
Summary: This report provides an overview of evaluation practices in social entrepreneurship and highlights ways that this new thinking might both inform, and benefit from, other approaches to evaluation among foundations.
Download: Measuring Innovation

Placing the Social Economy

Amin, A. Cameron, A. and Hudson, R. (Routledge) 2002
Keywords: policy, New Labour, geography
This book provides an account of real life experience in a social economy and critically analyses themes such as: academic and policy expectations that have emerged in recent years in the ‘developed’ world; the policies of New Labour in Britain; the dynamics of social enterprises in Bristol, London, Middlesbrough, and Glasgow.

Reframing Responsibility for Well-being Outcomes

Hogan, C. and Murphey, D. (The Anne E. Casey Foundation) 2002
Keywords: well-being, outcomes
Summary: This book advocates an outcomes-approach to bring about positive changes to the ‘human-services’ sector, by focusing on the well-being of people and communities. It provides a series of appropriate indicators.
Download: vermont_outcomes

Social Enterprise in Anytown

Pearce J (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation) 2003
Keywords: social enterprise
Summary: This book provides a general introduction to the concept and origins of social enterprises. It discusses building social capital issues in the social economy and gives an introduction to social accounting.
ISBN: 0903319977

Splash & Ripple: Using Outcomes to Design & Guide Community Work

Keywords: outcomes, measurement, community development
Summary: A very basic and easy to read introduction to key concepts around outcome measurement.
Download: Splash and Ripple

A well-being manifesto for a flourishing society

Shah. H and Marks, N. (nef) 2004
Keywords: well-being, outcomes
Summary: This document shows what the government’s manifesto would look like if policy was driven by improving well-being, rather than increasing income.
Download: Well Being Manifesto

When Good Work Makes Good Sense: Social Purpose Business Case Studies

(Seedco, MetLife Foundation) 2003
Keywords: outcomes, strategy
Summary: This report summarises four case studies of social enterprises from the U.S. It outlines history and context, business strategy and structure, operations, outcomes, and next steps for them, as well as lessons learnt.
Download: good work


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