Executive Briefings

For leaders seeking to improve their organisation’s social, economic or environmental impact.

These briefings each provide an overview of a specific methodology or way of working, its benefits and how you might incorporate it into your improvement strategy.

We have developed these briefings in response to requests from senior decision makers within organisations who are interested in training their teams or using our consultancy services but would like to know more before deciding on their next step.

The briefings are developed and delivered by senior members of the NEF Consulting team and senior associates who are expert in consultancy and training as well as in the methodologies described.  The sessions will be partly tailored to each group to ensure examples and other content is appropriate to your needs. They are highly interactive with question and answer sessions and discussions.

We also run SROI briefings as ‘open’ sessions on specified dates where there may be up to six participants from different organisations.  See the dates and participant fees below.

All briefings are available on a one-to-one basis or exclusively for your team. They are usually held at our offices in London but we can deliver them on-site for an additional cost.  Please contact us for details.

We also offer training tailored to your needs,  mentoring, hand holding and a wide range of advice services. Please contact us to discuss your needs. 

Executive Briefings

See below, or follow the links, for details of the following briefing sessions:

Other topics we can cover:

  • Measuring Local Economic Impact
  • Sustainability in commissioning
  • Sustainability in procurement
  • Developing a strategy for change: creating a Theory of Change, measuring wellbeing and more
  • Measuring social impact

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NEW: Outcomes-based Commissioning and Co-production

Reeling from substantial cuts, public and health services are faced with the seemingly impossible task of stretching dwindling funds while demand swells. And, too often, commissioning has failed to achieve real value for money. But by embracing the skills, time and energy of those who know most about public and health services – the people who use them – and focusing on identifying and achieving the long-term outcomes that really matter, you can breathe new life into the services your organisation commissions.

This half-day session introduces the concepts behind outcomes-based commissioning and co-production.  Explaining how these approaches may impact your organisation’s strategic planning, policy, organisational development and culture, it also provides an overview of how to apply the concepts in practice. It will enable leaders and senior decision makers in commissioning and procurement to lead and support a shift in direction within their organisation.

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Improving Relationships for Greater Impact

Organisations thrive on relationships.  Teams or programmes can’t achieve their aims if their members can’t get on with each other.  Every organisation has relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders that can affect both its own performance, its communities and its wider impact.

In this half-day session, developed and delivered by NEF Consulting senior associate Vincent Neate, you will learn how to improve your organisation’s stakeholder relationships through a better understanding of:

  • Relational Thinking – the practice of putting the relationship first in everything you do. You can use this one structural model in both one-to-one relationships and in relationships that involve many people.
  • Relationships as a response to the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) environment.
  • The Common Good Builder, a problem-solving methodology designed to bring multiple stakeholders together to find a mutually agreed and satisfactory solution to a common problem. Organisations can use the Common Good Builder in problem solving with stakeholder groups, team building, setting objectives and goals, innovation, crisis recovery, and community engagement. It was first developed by Together for the Common Good.

This briefing is available as a one-to-one or team session, held at our London office. Contact us  for details and a price.

Social Return on Investment (SROI)

How and when it can benefit your organisational impact

A one-day briefing on the SROI methodology and the benefits you can derive from its use. It is delivered by a senior NEF Consulting consultant who will draw on a wealth of examples to illustrate how the methodology has brought benefits to organisations across sectors and countries.

“Thank you for your thought provoking and informative whistle stop tour of SROI…extremely interesting and useful. The projects you have been involved in are amazingly inspiring.”
Louise Richards, Community Participation Manager, Literature Wales

Topics covered include:

  • Theory of Change
  • Measuring social impact
  • Valuing social impact
  • Modelling return on investment

By the end of the course, you will have a clear understanding of:

  • SROI and its benefits.
  • Where the methodology might be best applied within your organisation

Also available as open training:

When and where: 31 January,  9.30 – 5 pm at our offices in London. Price: £395 + £79 (£474)  Reg. Charity: £355 + £71 VAT  (£426)   BOOK HERE

This briefing is available as a one-to-one or team session, held at our London office. Contact us  for details and a price.

Total Contribution

Demonstrating the value your business delivers to society, the economy and the environment

Demonstrating your Total Contribution can lead to real business benefits for your organisation. These half-day briefings help leaders understand how their organisations can use the approach to identify and demonstrate the social, economic and environmental impact created through their supply chain and the activities within their business. Graham Randles will draw on examples such as our work with the Crown Estate to illustrate Total Contribution in practice.

Topics covered include:

  • How the Total Contribution approach can help you:
    • Monitor progress over time.
    • Create a baseline against which you can measure progress.
    • Inform your strategic decision making.
  • When it is best to use Total Contribution and how it compares to other approaches.

This briefing is available as a one-to-one or team session, held at our London office. Contact us  for details and a price.

Measuring Local Economic Impact with LM3

For local authorities and public sector suppliers

LM3, Local Multiplier 3, was first developed by NEF as a simple and understandable way of measuring local economic impact. The model has been refined and improved based on work with all 26 local authorities in the North East of England, with over £3 billion of annual spending with 140,000 suppliers. This work formed an important step in influencing national procurement policy and areas of legislation such as Social Value Act and National procurement and sustainability policies.

Construction companies are using the model widely to measure social and economic value. Public sector organisations are incorporating LM3 as a standard measure of added value.

What you will learn

  • How to use the methodology as a common language for a collaborative and objective approach to both demanding and demonstrating public value.
  • How the methodology can be implemented through procurement frameworks and across corporate structures.
  • Public sector participants will learn how to incorporate LM3 as a standard measure of added value when considering procurement decisions.
  • Suppliers to the public sector will learn how the model can be used to measure social and economic value, helping their public sector clients with their procurement decisions.

This briefing is available as a one-to-one or team session, held at our London office. Contact us  for details and a price.

Creating Social Value in Regeneration Projects

A  half-day briefing on creating social value within regeneration projects, delivered by NEF Consulting’s Managing Director, Graham Randles. He will explain how integrating social value into the planning process can deliver better outcomes for everyone, especially local communities. Examples will include how a local authority used a new Social KPI within a regeneration programme. Graham will also draw on his many years’ experience of working with local government, planners and developers.

By the end of the course, you will have a clear understanding of:

  • Social Value and how it can be demonstrated within regeneration projects.
  • How to develop a strategy around social value.

This briefing is available as a one-to-one or team session, held at our London office. Contact us  for details and a price.

Who will be leading the sessions

Graham Randles, Managing Director, NEF Consulting


Graham has spearheaded a strategic drive to apply market-leading methodologies for social impact assessment  to a wide range of applications, from national and international charities to public authorities and corporate reporting. Graham directed the development of the Total Contribution approach for The Crown Estate to value the economic, social and environmental contribution that the business delivers to the UK. Graham developed and delivered the Mayor of London’s Green Procurement Code and major projects for CIPS (the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply), Defra and WRAP (the Waste and Resources Action Programme). For more information click here

Vincent Neate, NEF Consulting Associate

Vincent Neate works with NEF Consulting as an associate. He is founder and director of Relationship Capital Strategies Ltd and was previously Head of Sustainability Services, Partner at KPMG. He is an experienced consultant, coach and mentor. Vincent divides his time between his three passions: impact investment, relational thinking and working with non-profit organisations that are changing the nature of how a common problem is addressed.


Cost, timings and venues

Briefings can be one-to-one or for a team or group and are usually held at our offices in London. However, it is possible to deliver it on-site for an additional cost.

As an important element of each briefing is discussion, we will usually ask you to complete a short questionnaire prior to attending the session in order to tailor the content as much as possible to the needs of each group.

Sample pricing if held at our venue

One-to-one briefings  

2- 3 hours only:  £450 – £750 – contact us to discuss details, a firm price and date


2-3 people:  Half day:  £950, or if a registered charity, £850 – contact us to discuss a firm price and date
4-6 people:  Full day: £1,450, or if a registered charity, £1,350  – contact us to discuss a firm price and date

All fees are subject to U.K. VAT.  Fee includes refreshments and lunch where relevant, and training materials. Payment must be received before the training date.

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