Outcomes-based commissioning and co-production

A briefing for leaders and senior decision makers

This half-day session introduces the concepts behind outcomes-based commissioning and co-production.  Explaining how these approaches may impact your organisation’s strategic planning, policy, organisational development and culture, it also provides an overview of how to apply the concepts in practice.

It will enable leaders and senior decision makers in commissioning and procurement to lead and support a shift in direction within their organisation.

The background

Reeling from substantial cuts, public and health services are faced with the seemingly impossible task of stretching dwindling funds while demand swells. And, too often, commissioning has failed to achieve real value for money. It has side-lined local residents and ignored the insight and resources they could offer. By focusing too much on narrow outputs and performance you could, in the long-term, fail to prevent harm or achieve wellbeing.

But new strategies are out there. By embracing the skills, time and energy of those who know most about public and health services – the people who use them – and focusing on identifying and achieving the long-term outcomes that really matter, you can breathe new life into the services your organisation commissions.

The model

This briefing introduces a model for designing, commissioning and delivering services. It is the result of ten years of collaboration, testing and implementation between the New Economics Foundation, NEF Consulting and commissioners from a broad range of local authorities and CCGs. The model:

  • Enables commissioners, and the services in which they invest, to:
    • Focus on commissioning for ‘outcomes’ – resulting in long-term changes.
    • Promote co-production – working in partnership with those using their services to make the services more effective.
    • Promote social value by placing social, environmental and economic outcomes at the heart of commissioning.
  • Shows how a focus on the triple bottom line (social, environmental and economic impacts) and on co-production can enable commissioners to get real value for money, achieve wellbeing and prevent harm.
  • Has already been applied to commissioning across in-house, grant-funded and competitively tendered provision.

The approach cannot conjure new money out of thin air. What it can do is provide a framework, a set of principles and practical guidance to re-assess how services are currently provided. The potential impact and value is enormous.

This briefing is a first step to understanding the core concepts and ideas behind the model and how to start putting them into practice.

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Topics covered…

  • An alternative commissioning approach focusing on outcomes and collaboration/co-production with real-world examples and an introduction to the definitions and theory.
  • The concept of outcomes, social value and wellbeing.
  • The concept of co-production and how to keep the citizen at the centre – how co-production and collaboration can be used within commissioning processes as well as encouraged as a default approach to service delivery.
  • Development of outcomes frameworks, asset mapping and needs assessments – and how insight from these processes can help plan and procure services.
  • Opportunities through procurement – procurement options that support collaboration, outcomes and co-production, including alliance contracting and innovation partnerships.

The programme

The briefing is highly interactive and collaborative. You will:

  • Undertake a quick and local asset map.
  • Develop an outcomes framework.

The programme can be, to some extent, tailored to ensure the examples are relevant to your organisation and strategic objectives. As an important element of each briefing is discussion, we may ask you to complete a short questionnaire prior to attending the session.

What you will learn…

As a result of attending this briefing you will have:

  • An overview of an alternative commissioning approach focusing on outcomes and collaboration/co-production with real-world examples and an introduction to the definitions and theory.
  • A better understanding of how to keep the citizen in the centre of the commissioning process and how co-production and collaboration can be used in commissioning both during the process and as a default approach to service delivery.
  • An increased knowledge of how procurement can support this way of working, and the parameters within which you need to work.

Who it is for…

The briefing is for leaders and senior decision-makers in local government, public health, the NHS and CCGS.  It can be held as a one-to-one briefing or for groups.

Who will lead the briefing…

Helen Sharp, Associate, NEF Consulting

Previously Strategic Commissioning Manager at Lambeth Council, Helen Sharp has worked with NEF Consulting since 2014 on delivery of our training for public and health service organisations.

Helen started her career in the homeless sector, working directly with young people, and then with adult drug and alcohol users. She was a consultant and trainer for five years before moving into commissioning.  She has worked in partnership with the New Economics Foundation and other local authorities to develop and implement outcomes-based commissioning, co-production, asset based interventions and other new approaches.

Graham Randles, Managing Director, NEF Consulting

Graham has spearheaded a strategic drive to apply market-leading methodologies for social impact assessment to a wide range of applications, from national and international charities to public authorities and corporate reporting.

Graham developed and delivered the Mayor of London’s Green Procurement Code and major projects for CIPS (the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply), Defra and WRAP (the Waste and Resources Action Programme).


Venue and cost

This briefing session is usually held at our offices in London running from 2 pm to 5.30 pm. However, it is possible to deliver it on-site for an additional cost.

Sample pricing

  • Briefing for 2-5 people: £950, or if a registered charity, £850 – contact us to discuss a firm price and date.
  • Briefing for 6-10 people: £1,250, or if a registered charity, £1,150 – contact us to discuss a firm price and date.
  • One-to-one briefings: (running from 3 pm to 5.30 pm) £450 – £750 – contact us to discuss a price and date.

All fees are subject to U.K. VAT.  Fee includes training materials. Payment must be received before the training date.

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