NEF developed the SROI methodology in the UK and still occasionally offers consultancy and training on Social Return on Investment (SROI).



NEF Consulting’s SROI training covers all the methodology and practice needed to carry out an SROI analysis. It combines a thorough understanding of the theoretical policy background to SROI and its long-term benefits, with a step-by-step guide to the SROI methodology backed up by a range of practical group exercises.

The course is currently delivered for groups online in four three-hour sessions across two weeks.

The course is designed to equip your organisation with the knowledge and skills necessary to use SROI and its findings, and to undertake SROI analyses.


  • We focus on working with organisations rather than individuals.
  • We recognise that a full SROI isn’t appropriate in every instance – we show how the methodology can be adapted to different situations.
  • This is the only course in which you will build an SROI model on a spreadsheet, as you would when conducting your ‘real life’ SROI analysis. This also allows you to see how calculations build up.
  • It draws on:
    • The extensive SROI experience of an expert team based at the New Economics Foundation (NEF). NEF co-wrote the Cabinet Office Guide to SROI.
    • NEF’s wealth of experience of measuring and valuing outcomes and the Centre for Wellbeing’s latest research into wellbeing measurement.
  • Our course has a strong focus on group exercises and discussion to ensure transfer of skills and to build understanding.
  • We offer follow-up workshops to build your skills, such as Creating a Theory of Change.


If you wish to become an accredited practitioner, you will need the accredited course offered by our partners, Social Value UK, the official accrediting body in the UK. Both SVUK and NEF courses teach the same methodology. However, there are some differences in approach.

The SVUK course is suitable for individuals or consultants  wishing to offer SROI analysis as part of their service to other organisations. The NEF Consulting course is suitable for any organisation wishing to analyse, report on, and improve, its own programmes and services. Our primary aim is to help you prove and improve, not accreditation.


  • The big picture
  • Setting the scope and identifying stakeholders
  • Mapping Outcomes
  • Measuring Change
  • Valuing change
  • Understanding impact
  • Modelling an SROI
  • Sensitivity analysis, reporting, assurance


Christian Jaccarini, Senior Consultant, NEF Consulting

Christian has wide experience in socio-economic research, macroeconomic forecasting, and policy analysis. An economist by training, he has worked with a range of quantitative tools, including input-output modelling and econometrics. Before joining NEF Consulting, Christian worked as an economist for an economic consultancy where he specialised in using valuation techniques, scenario analysis, and impact assessment to consult across a wide range of sectors and industries including property, retail and financial services.

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Please contact us if you are interested in running the course for your team. We are now delivering this course online.

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“It’s an excellent course that explains SROI in plain English using practical exercises and signposts to useful resources.” Catherine Kennelly, Projects Officer, Maldon and District CVS, October 2019

“I’ve been trying to undertake an SROI following the guidance book but it wasn’t until I did the course that I actually understood it!” Kat Algar-Skaife, Research Officer, Bangor University, June 2019

“A great introduction for anyone wanting to start thinking about using SROI in their organisation.” Helen Mayor, York CVS, September 2017

“[The training] was very helpful, well-paced and covered lots of ground. I feel well equipped to start an SROI myself” Catherine Hurst, Natural Futures Manager, Cheshire Wildlife Trust, September 2017

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