Open training calendar

For more details on any of the courses below, click on the links. To book click hereFor urgent booking enquiries, please call us on +44 (0) 207 820 6368.

Prices and discounts for training

We offer a special reduced price for any organisation able to quote a registered charity number when booking. This reduced price is not available for any other organisation or individual as our standard prices have been set to take into account that many of our training customers work for non-profits, social enterprises, academic institutions, the public sector or are self-employed.

Multiple booking discount: If we can invoice more than one booking on a single invoice there is an administration discount of £25 on the total invoice value.
Subscriber discountSign up here for updates and save on any open training course. You can unsubscribe at any time. Only one subscriber discount can be applied to each booking form and it applies only to the person subscribing . 

2-day courses/packages:

SROI training:    £565    Reg. charity  £515
Measuring Social Impact:    £495    Reg. charity £445
Communicating Impact Programme (two 1-day workshops):   £545       Reg. charity £495   


Improving Monitoring for Greater Impact: £595   Reg. charity £495
Masterclass launch offer: Book by 14 February for a £100 discount. Book by 1 March for a £50 discount. No other discounts will apply.

1-day workshops:

Measuring & Improving Wellbeing:     £295       Reg. charity  £245
Creating a Theory of Change:                £295       Reg. charity  £245
Commissioning for Outcomes:              £295       Reg. charity  £245

Data Analysis for Social Impact:                      £345                   Reg. charity  £295
Valuations and Proxies:                                     £345                    Reg. charity £295

Communicating Impact: Storytelling:               £325                 Reg. charity  £275 
Communicating Impact: Data Visualisation:   £325                  Reg. charity  £275

1/2 day workshop:                       

Measuring Local Economic Impact:        £195     Reg. charity £165

Value for Money training: Please see the IMA website for prices.

All prices are subject to U.K. VAT. Fee includes refreshments, lunch and training materials.

Booking and payment must be received at least 7 days before the course unless agreed otherwise when you book. If payment is received after the published deadlines, a late booking administration charge of £20 may be applied. Please read our full terms and conditions before booking.

Training dates

Click on the course name below for details

Please book before the deadline where one is quoted. Contact us to check availability if you want to place a booking after the deadline.

Cancellations and changes to your booking:  Refunds and transfers may not always be possible. Please check our terms and conditions before booking your place.

23 January:        Creating a Theory of Change – London. *NOW FULLY BOOKED*

7 February:         Data Analysis for Social Impact  – London. Book here by 24 January.

8 February:         Commissioning for Outcomes & Co-production – London.  Book here by 25 January. *JUST ONE PLACE LEFT – CONTACT US BEFORE BOOKING*

27-28 February:  Social Return on Investment (SROI) – London. Book here by 13 February.

6 March:             Measuring & Improving Wellbeing – London.  Book here by 20 February.

13-14 March:      Measuring Social Impact – London.  Book here by 27 February.

15 March:       Communicating Impact: Data Visualisation – London. Book here by 1 March.

20-21 March:      Social Return on Investment (SROI) – Manchester. Book here 6 March.

21 March:        Creating a Theory of Change – London.  Book here by 7 March.

22 March:        Improving Monitoring for Greater Impact – London.  Book here by 8 March.

25  April:        Commissioning for Outcomes & Co-production – London.  Book here by 11 April. 

1 May:        Communicating Impact: Storytelling – London.  Book here by 17 April.

2 May:       Communicating Impact: Data Visualisation – London.  Book here by 18 April.

14-15 May:  Social Return on Investment (SROI) – London. Book here by 30 April.

17 May:         Data Analysis for Social Impact  – London. Book here by 3 May.

6 June:        Improving Monitoring for Greater Impact – London.  Book here by 23 May.

6-7 June:      Measuring Social Impact – London.  Book here by 23 May.

27 June:        Creating a Theory of Change – London.  Book here by 13 June.

21 June:          Valuations & Proxies – London.  Book here by 7 June.

TBC: Measuring Local Economic Impact with LM3 – London.  Contact us. 

If you have three or more people wanting to join our open training but cannot make the dates above, please contact us.

Value for Money (VfM) training

Improve development effectiveness

This unique 5-day programme, delivered in partnership with IMA International,  provides the tools and knowledge to maximise and embed value for money (VfM) approaches in an organisation, projects and programmes. You will learn about best practice in economic theory as well as how to practically apply existing and emerging tools to capture and manage for VfM.

This course is aimed at professionals responsible for the maximisation of VfM through all elements of programme and project design and delivery.  It presents the latest thinking on how to guarantee that your activities deliver maximum value to your organisation and its stakeholders. Click here for details.

15-19 October: Value for Money (In partnership with IMA) – London. Book here.

New frontiers for development

An action-learning journey for organisational and personal development

Developed and delivered with IMA International, this learning programme is for managers and leaders within international development who want to understand and experience our approach to making connections reflectively, and turn this into practice. The learning takes place over a period of 8-12 months, with three face-to-face modules and linked remote work. It is an opportunity for personal growth and development as well as a way of cultivating resilience and critical thinking for dealing with rapidly complex change processes. For more details, click here

Module 1: Macroeconomic challenges: Introduces participants to new economic thinking in relation to key economic issues and provides techniques to critically review these issues.

Module 2: Effective organisations in the face of macro level challenges: Uncovers the assumptions, both personal and organisational, which lie behind every intervention in development and opens a debate on how to deal with complexity from an organisational leadership perspective.

Module 3: Effective leaders in a complex world: An opportunity to learn and experience the process of becoming an effective leader within your organisation in the face of macro level challenges.

For dates and locations, and to book click here.

Tailor-made and in-house training

For details click here.