We build the capacity of organisations to think in new ways and to realise the value of their contribution towards a new sustainable economy.  Passionate about training others in our tools and approaches, we believe this is an effective way to make a long-term impact. We are currently developing online options for those who would like group training during the summer of 2020.

Our wide range of training and facilitation services include:

  • Standard open training – open to individuals, or groups of up to 3 people from one organisation, held at our offices or an external venue. Current open training programmes include: Measuring Social Impact and Creating a Theory of Change.  See our open training calendar for dates. We will be publishing Autumn 2020 dates in May/June.
  • In-house and tailored trainingbrought to your teams within your organisation. Usually suitable for a 6 to 15 people, these can be tailored to suit particular objectives and requirements. We are currently developing online delivery methods for the summer of 2020.
  • Briefings – for senior decision makers who want to learn more about a methodology or how to improve your organisation’s social, economic or environmental impact. Delivered as group sessions, either at our offices or on-site.
  • Theory of Change workshop facilitation – as experts on using this useful model, we can help you develop your Theory of Change by facilitating a workshop.

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NEF Consulting works with IMA International to deliver learning programmes for those working in international development.

Value for Money (VfM) training

Improve development effectiveness

This 5-day programme, delivered with IMA International, provides the tools and knowledge to maximise and embed value for money (VfM) approaches. You will learn about best practice in economic theory as well as how to apply existing and emerging tools to capture and manage for VfM.

This course presents the latest thinking on how to guarantee that your activities deliver maximum value to your organisation and its stakeholders. Click here for details.

New frontiers for development

An action-learning journey for organisational and personal development

Developed and delivered with IMA International, this programme will help you understand and experience our approach to making connections reflectively, and turn this into practice. The learning takes place over a period of 8-12 months, with three face-to-face modules and linked remote work.

It is an opportunity for personal development as well as a way of cultivating resilience and critical thinking for dealing with rapidly complex change processes. For more details, click here