Local transformation

How do local economies become fairer, just and more sustainable? The challenges are overwhelming as regional and local authorities respond to both the pandemic and climate change while working with competing priorities.

A one-size-fits-all strategy for local transformation won’t work. Each community  needs its own transformation strategy – developed at the local level.

Developing a local transformation strategy

We work with regional and local authorities to develop economic strategies for their community, county, city, or combined authority area that:

  • Address inequality and promote wellbeing across communities, applying new economic approaches.
  • Identify the key priority areas for action.
  • Follow a shared agenda through a democratic participatory process.
  • Address the challenges of the transition to a low carbon economy.

Building a better future 

We work with you to explore and define the likely components of an economic development strategy that will:

  • Build a people-focused, wellbeing-led recovery that improves living standards and reduces inequality.
  • Support the creation of generative local businesses and good, secure jobs.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions locally.

How we work with you 

Our approach is collaborative, working closely with your teams, and is likely to include:

  • A baseline analysis and framing of the strategy.
  • Identification of priority areas for action. 
  • Policy Labs to widen engagement and a sense of ownership from stakeholder groups.

As a result of working with us, you will develop place-specific local economic strategies able to provide good jobs that support your target environmental outcomes.

We draw on NEF research to explore how the changes needed in the national economy might work at a local level, and what the changes might require.

Our local transformation work

Examples of our work on local transformation strategies include:

  • Support to create a strategy for green economic recovery for a county council. The project involved identifying priority areas and working with stakeholders,  through power mapping and policy labs, to develop action plans. 
  • Providing policy and secretariat support to the Greater Manchester Independent Inequalities Commission.
  • An economic wellbeing development strategy for a metropolitan district council.   
  • An inequalities baseline assessment for a strategic anchor organisation to identify the challenges, opportunities and risks in relation to inclusion and equalities.

See our case studies page for examples which we will be adding shortly.  In the meantime please contact us for more information.

Training Programme
Strategic overviews and practical training.

We offer online training and facilitate workshops, primarily for local authorities. Topics currently include Theory of Change, measuring social impact, commissioning for outcomes, co-production, and more.

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