Approaches and tools

In our work, we draw on a range of approaches and tools developed by  the New Economics Foundation including:

  • Social Return on Investment (SROI) – an analytic tool for measuring and accounting for a broad concept of value by placing social, environmental and economic returns into a common financial metric. It measures the change that has occurred from a specific activity on a range of stakeholders.
  • Social Cost-Benefit Analysis (SCBA) – introduces the concepts of social value and environmental sustainability to cost-benefit models.
  • Multi-Criteria Appraisal (MCA) – an appraisal technique that accounts for the role of economic, social and environmental factors in decision-making. It does not require monetary valuation of social and environmental outcomes.
  • Local Multiplier 3 (LM3) – a simple and understandable way of measuring local economic impact. It is designed to help people think about local money flows and how their organisation can practically improve its local economic impact.

Clients and sectors

We work with local government, combined authorities, and other local community leaders to develop transformational strategies.

We work with charitable foundations, unions, professional bodies and other socially responsible organisations and businesses to ensure social, economic and environmental value is at their heart of their strategic decisions.

See examples of clients, and our work for them, on the Clients page.

Examples of work by sector:

Training Programme
Strategic overviews and practical training.

We offer tailored online and on-site training and briefings on Theory of Change, measuring social impact, commissioning for outcomes and social value, SROI, measuring local economic impact, community economic development, and more.

We also facilitate workshops to help you develop a Theory of Change for your programme or strategy. 

Clients include local authorities, universities, public health services, charities, community groups, membership bodies, and responsible businesses.

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