Our associates

As well as our people internally, the NEF Consulting team includes external associates with a range of expertise and experience of the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, both from within the UK and globally. Many of them have previously worked for the New Economics Foundation.

The following associates work with us regularly. For more details, click on their image or name below. For details of the internal team, return to the Our People page.

Sarah Arnold web cropped Sarah Arnold
E: sarah.arnold@neweconomics.org
 Helen Sharp Helen Sharp
E: hmsharp44@gmail.com
Oliver Kempton
E: oliverkempton@envoypartnership.com
 sm-Rosee Rosie Maguire
Contact via: enquiries@nefconsulting.com
 Howard Reed Howard Reed
E: howard@landman-economics.co.uk
sm-Perry_Walker Perry Walker
E: perry@openupuk.org
Adam Wilkinson Adam Wilkinson
E: adam@adamwilkinson.com
Macarena Vergara
Contact via: enquiries@nefconsulting.com