A green economic recovery strategy for Hampshire

Hampshire County Council commissioned the consultancy of the New Economics Foundation to support creation of a strategy for green economic recovery that: We explored what a green economic recovery means for Hampshire, identified and assessed priority areas, and then brought… Read more »


AN ADVISORY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY FOR A LONDON BOROUGH A London borough commissioned NEF to support them in creating an inclusive and green economic strategy that: A survey of 1000 residents in the borough had highlighted the profound impact of… Read more »

Remembering Liz Cox

Last week we said goodbye to our colleague and friend, Elizabeth Cox. Liz lost her battle against cancer earlier this month and her funeral last week brought colleagues together to remember her and share stories of the impact she had… Read more »

Asian Development Bank: Climate risk country profiles

Supporting adaptation decision making for climate resilient investments: 40 climate risk country profiles for Asian Development Bank developing member countries. We were commissioned by the Asian Development Bank to create summary profiles of climate changes and climate impacts on 40… Read more »


Men working in finance and insurance are the only group whose income during the pandemic didn’t go down. Millions of workers across all sectors of the economy were on furlough. Millions more had their hours cut or lost their jobs…. Read more »


Affordable housing

There is an affordable housing crisis in England: asking prices for homes rose a record amount in February. Almost half of all affordable housing in the UK is provided through section 106 (S106) obligations: requirements that local authorities place on housing developers when they… Read more »


BY MIATTA FAHNBULLEH, EMMET KIBERD, ANDREW PENDLETON Long-standing inequality between and within regions is holding back millions of households and acting as a drag on economic prosperity. The UK government is therefore right to establish levelling up as its primary mission alongside the… Read more »


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Building collective control and capacity for action How can local people build control and take action on things that matter to them? Our research shows that there are five main components of collective control: social connectedness; knowledge, understanding, and skills;… Read more »

Green economic recovery – Hampshire County Council

Hampshire County Council commissioned NEF Consulting to support them to create a strategy for green economic recovery that: Improves living standards rather than simply targeting GVA growth. Supports the creation of good, secure jobs. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions in the… Read more »

How cost effective are social ventures?

December 2019: Unemployment had fallen to its lowest level since 1975.  The gap in the employment rate between disabled and non-disabled people in the UK was at 28.1 per cent. At the same time, UnLtd and NEF Consulting were looking at this issue as part of a new study into the impact of social entrepreneurs…. Read more »


Many people in Britain have no choice but to travel to get safe access to green space. When Boris Johnson rode out across London during lockdown, reportedly cycling seven miles from his home, he drew criticism for not following the spirit… Read more »

New report explores how to value the countryside

Green spaces and wellbeing

New research from NEF Consulting, commissioned by CPRE Hampshire, the countryside charity, explores the value of the countryside in South Hampshire. CPRE Hampshire is campaigning for a new Green Belt in South Hampshire. The report, Introducing a South Hampshire Green… Read more »

Parks are for everyone

Green space is important for wellbeing but in poorer areas visits to parks have dropped. Official government guidance during lockdown advises us to ​“enjoy nature” and exercise outside once a day. When accessing green spaces, people should ​“stay local” while keeping ​“at least two metres apart… Read more »

Women in crisis and the coronavirus

In our research for the Help through Crisis programme, we looked at gendered causes of crisis, emerging themes, and how they relate to the coronavirus pandemic. A decade of austerity has left our welfare system ill-equipped to respond to the… Read more »

Volunteers alone cannot fill the gap

Volunteers in crisis support

The coronavirus pandemic has underscored the need for a universal safety net. The government’s 2020 budget, and subsequent measures, tried to bring in temporary changes to social security and “do whatever it takes” to respond to the threat of coronavirus…. Read more »

A trauma informed approach in crisis support

Trauma in crisis

Author: Tiffany Lam, Consultant, NEF Consulting Many people, including those who seek crisis support services, have experienced trauma. It may be more prevalent than we think. 1 in 3 adults in England have experienced trauma. And in the UK, 31%… Read more »

Bristol airport: inconsistencies in the case for expansion

Plans for expansion of Bristol Airport may have overestimated benefits to the region by £280 million. The business case for the expansion of Bristol Airport may have significantly overestimated its economic benefits, and underestimated its social and environmental costs, a… Read more »