1.5 million new homes in five years

Why the UK’s new towns must have high quality design at their core BY DAVID PENDLEBURY, BENEDIKT STRANAK Keir Starmer has made a bold promise: to build 1.5 million new homes in five years. Recent times have witnessed a glut of big… Read more »

Poverty and low income in a Surrey borough

A recent NEF report uncovered pockets of rising poverty in Elmbridge where poverty and disadvantage exist under the radar. Borough-wide, there are fewer low-income residents than in many other areas of England. Digging under the surface, however, reveals that Elmbridge… Read more »


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Building collective control and capacity for action How can local people build control and take action on things that matter to them? Our research shows that there are five main components of collective control: social connectedness; knowledge, understanding, and skills;… Read more »


Many people in Britain have no choice but to travel to get safe access to green space. When Boris Johnson rode out across London during lockdown, reportedly cycling seven miles from his home, he drew criticism for not following the spirit… Read more »

New report explores how to value the countryside

Green spaces and wellbeing

New research from NEF Consulting, commissioned by CPRE Hampshire, the countryside charity, explores the value of the countryside in South Hampshire. CPRE Hampshire is campaigning for a new Green Belt in South Hampshire. The report, Introducing a South Hampshire Green… Read more »

Parks are for everyone

Green space is important for wellbeing but in poorer areas visits to parks have dropped. Official government guidance during lockdown advises us to ​“enjoy nature” and exercise outside once a day. When accessing green spaces, people should ​“stay local” while keeping ​“at least two metres apart… Read more »

Wellbeing at work: 5 things every employer should know

Well-being at work report

Photo credit:  Ronny-André Bendiksen MARCH 26, 2014 // BY: KAREN JEFFREY Wellbeing is in the news again, thanks to new Cabinet Office research into which jobs make us happiest. The findings show that legal professionals (earning on average £75k) report lower average life satisfaction… Read more »

Happiness works in the Chinese apparel industry

Authors: Michael Weatherhead and Jody Aked. People in work are the same the world over. In efforts to improve happiness and wellbeing, it seems there is more to connect us than separate us. We recently took the ideas and tools of NEF and Happiness… Read more »