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New tool launched to support tourism impact measurement

Professionals interested in impact measurement have a powerful new tool at their disposal, with the launch of the Global Sustainable Tourism Dashboard’s online platform.

The announcement of the online platform follows the launch of the dashboard in September 2016, hosted by NEF Consulting.

Development of the Dashboard has focused on promoting awareness through data transparency and promoting change in the tourism sector. The push for change has been driven by the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and the growing importance of tourism in many economies.

Designed with stakeholder input at its heart, the Dashboard is a particularly valuable tool not only for the tourism industry, but many professionals with an interest in understanding economic, social and environmental impact.

The Dashboard was developed in partnership with Griffith University, Australia, the University of Surrey and key partners Amadeus, EarthCheck, ITP/Greenview, and the World Travel and Tourism Council. The Dashboard is a ‘living’ entity and will be updated and further developed.

Click here to access the Global Sustainable Tourism Dashboard.