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New masterclass on effective leadership in the new economy

The challenges of leading for social change are changing. Leading your organisation or programme towards success now requires agility, flexibility and, most of all, the intense power of collaboration. Effective leadership depends on a far greater sense of self-awareness and a powerful ability to build relationships with others from diverse backgrounds and with diverse views.

So, how can you transform your personal purpose into a shared purpose with others? How can you lead for the new economy?

This new, one day course, Unleashing the Power of Collaboration, led by Marc Stears, Chief Executive of the New Economics Foundation, will enable leaders within organisations, and other change makers, to create greater impact and value.

The programme includes an introduction to cutting-edge analysis of the powers of authenticity, empathy and communication; an innovative framework for enabling leaders to reshape their leadership potential; facilitated discussion between peers; an experiential exercise to provide a full sense of the power of leadership.  On successful completion of the programme, leaders will be able to:

  • Understand new models of leadership based on personal purpose and relationship building.
  • Effectively understand and influence the impressions others form of you to build trust.
  • Be more effective at connecting with people and building relationships with people who are different.
  • Communicate more powerfully in a wide range of situations.

The course is for leaders, change makers and all those wishing to make a powerful impact and build new collaborations.