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SROI analysis for Ecology Action Centre, Canada

Working at the individual, community and systemic level, the Ecology Action Centre’s Our Food Project tackles food and income insecurity. It does this by building ‘positive food environments’ for both farmers and low-income communities. Their aim is to create a more equitable and sustainable food system by supporting local producers, educating eaters and advocating for changes to food policy.

NEF Consulting worked in partnership with the Project to design and co-deliver an SROI analysis to demonstrate the value of their network facilitation role in two regions of Canada. We also trained their team in SROI to support their work on the analysis.

Download the reports here:

ecology-action-centre-our-food-project-cape-breton-coverFood Leaders and Food Initiatives in Cape Breton: A Social Return On Investment (SROI) Study, August 2016

ecology-action-center-our-food-project-halifax-coverThe Halifax Food Policy Alliance: A Social Return On Investment (SROI) Study, August 2016

New Economics Foundation

NEF aims to create a new economy that works for people and within environmental limits. We are guided by three missions:

A new social settlement
To ensure people are paid well, have more time off to spend with their families, and have access to the things we all need for a decent life.

A Green New Deal
A plan for government-led investment to reduce the carbon we emit and boost nature, while creating a new generation of jobs.

The democratic economy
To devolve state power and transform ownership of the economy to give everyone an equal stake in the places where we live and work.

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