Central and local government

1.5 million new homes in five years

Why the UK’s new towns must have high quality design at their core BY DAVID PENDLEBURY, BENEDIKT STRANAK Keir Starmer has made a bold promise: to build 1.5 million new homes in five years. Recent times have witnessed a glut of big… Read more »


Miatta Fahnbulleh

Regional and local governments have been buffeted by a series of crises – austerity, the pandemic, and more recently, the cost of living and stagnant growth. This has made the already difficult task of tackling inequality between, and within places… Read more »

A green economic recovery strategy for Hampshire

Hampshire County Council commissioned the consultancy of the New Economics Foundation to support creation of a strategy for green economic recovery that: We explored what a green economic recovery means for Hampshire, identified and assessed priority areas, and then brought… Read more »


AN ADVISORY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY FOR A LONDON BOROUGH A London borough commissioned NEF to support them in creating an inclusive and green economic strategy that: A survey of 1000 residents in the borough had highlighted the profound impact of… Read more »


Affordable housing

There is an affordable housing crisis in England: asking prices for homes rose a record amount in February. Almost half of all affordable housing in the UK is provided through section 106 (S106) obligations: requirements that local authorities place on housing developers when they… Read more »


BY MIATTA FAHNBULLEH, EMMET KIBERD, ANDREW PENDLETON Long-standing inequality between and within regions is holding back millions of households and acting as a drag on economic prosperity. The UK government is therefore right to establish levelling up as its primary mission alongside the… Read more »

Green economic recovery – Hampshire County Council

Hampshire County Council commissioned NEF Consulting to support them to create a strategy for green economic recovery that: Improves living standards rather than simply targeting GVA growth. Supports the creation of good, secure jobs. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions in the… Read more »


Many people in Britain have no choice but to travel to get safe access to green space. When Boris Johnson rode out across London during lockdown, reportedly cycling seven miles from his home, he drew criticism for not following the spirit… Read more »

The road to prosperity?

Transport Fit for Future Generations

Why extending the M4 is not the way AUTHOR: Alex Chapman, Consultant, NEF Consulting If governments took decisions on infrastructure based on making people, communities and the environment healthier, how would they look? What demands would we make of them?… Read more »

Local early action: how to make it happen

A new report on local early action was recently published by the New Economics Foundation for the Southwark and Lambeth Early Action Commission. This report is the product of an 18-month programme of work funded through Southwark and Lambeth councils…. Read more »

Leading the fight for fairness

By Sarah Lyall, Researcher, Social Policy, New Economics Foundation. The most intriguing developments in reducing inequality and poverty are happening in local, not national, government. In Plymouth, as in much of the rest of UK, empty homes purchased as second… Read more »

Local authorities: Commissioning for outcomes

We have a training course for local authorities on commissioning for outcomes and co-production.  Click here for more details. NEF has also published a practical guide, Commissioning for Outcomes and Co-production aimed at local authorities. NEF’s approach to commissioning provides a framework, a set of principles and… Read more »

How a city-wide approach to employment support works

AUTHORS: Rosemary Maguire and Natalie Nicholles. Statistics on unemployment are never far from newspaper headlines; the number of people out of work, the number of people on benefits, the success (or otherwise) of government programmes, the type of people on… Read more »