Prove It! Toolkit Downloads

The documents and files that make up the Prove It! Toolkit

We have included two reports from pilot studies by the New Economics Foundation (NEF). The first is a Prove It! pilot report for Groundwork in 2004 and the other is a NEF report for the Heritage Lottery Fund in 2007. Both reports provide an analysis of the pros and cons of using the Toolkit.

Background and methodology

 PDF document link indicator  Background to Prove it.pdf
 PDF document link indicator  Overview of Prove it Methodology.pdf
 Word document  link indicator  ProveIt.doc


 Word document link indicator  Project Storyboard and Impact Mapping Exercise Step 1.doc


 Word document link indicator  Questionnaire Instructions Step 2.doc
 xls document link indicator  Questionnaire Template and Data Entry Step 2.xls
 ZIP document link indicator  Additional Question Templates Step 2 (Compressed as a .zip file)

Project reflection

 Word document  link indicator  Project Reflection Workshop Instructions Step 3.doc
 Word document  link indicator  Project Reflection Workshop Poster Step 3.doc
 Word document  link indicator  Project Reflection Workshop Recording Sheet Step 3.doc

Supporting documents

 Word document  link indicator  Project Report Template Supporting Document.doc
 Word document  link indicator  Evaluation Planning Template Supporting Document.doc
Training Programme
Strategic overviews and practical training.

We offer tailored online and on-site training and briefings on Theory of Change, measuring social impact, commissioning for outcomes and social value, SROI, measuring local economic impact, community economic development, and more.

We also facilitate workshops to help you develop a Theory of Change for your programme or strategy. 

Clients include local authorities, universities, public health services, charities, community groups, membership bodies, and responsible businesses.

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